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This is my online portfolio showcasing work that I have done while attending Full Sail University. I have worked really hard on each and every one of these projects and I have learned a lot along the way. Please enjoy!


Senior Thesis Short Film “Results” Trailer – 2015

The reason I have only included the trailer is due to the fact that the film is currently making the film festival rounds and therefore I cannot show the video online just yet.


Susannah (Short Film) – 2014

This was a film I had to edit in my editing class at Full Sail University.



Moorland (Feature Film) Trailer – 2014

This was my first feature film as Director Of Photography. It is a low budget independent Horror film that was shot found footage style.



The Survival Challenge Trailer – 2014

This is the trailer that I made for my Digital Cinematography 2 class at Full Sail University. I wrote, directed, acted, filmed and edited this piece.



Folgers Coffee Spec Commercial – 2014

This is the spec commercial that I wrote, directed, filmed and edited for my Digital Cinematography 1 class at Full Sail University.



“Michigan” by Watching For Foxes (Music Video) -2014

This is a cool music video that I shot, directed and edited for a good friend of mines band Watching For Foxes. This band is a great band and they are quickly rising to stardom.



A Ewing Sarcoma Cancer Survivor (Short Documentary) – 2014

This is a short documentary that I made for a class at Full Sail University.



“The Watchmen” by Watching For Foxes (Music Video) – 2013

A music video I shot and edited for the band Watching For Foxes first ever live performance.




Art And The Industry (Podcast) – 2013

This is the podcast I made for my Art History class at Full Sail University.



The Austin Muratori Podcast (Podcast) – 2012

This is one of my earliest projects that I made at Full Sail University in a class called Digital Literacy.


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