Austin Muratori 2014 Directing, Cinematography, Editing Reel

Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Horror/Commercial/Music video

Job Title: Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Location: Spring Lake, Michigan


This is my 2014 demo reel. I had more editing work this year then in years past which I don’t mind. My goal as a filmmaker is to be as versatile as possible! I love every aspect of film making and I want to be good at every position. The majority of the work is all original with exception being the “Folger’s commercial” I had a lot of fun on that! My favorite piece would have to be “Moorland” a feature Horror film that I had the pleasure of working on as the Director of Photography. Currently, the film is making the film festival rounds and is expected to be released on DVD very soon. Each project was a learning experience and I had a blast working on them!

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