ImageI have been working with Austin Muratori for a while now and it started with us collaborating on scripts for short films and has expanded to even collaborating with footage. He is a great person to work with and puts a lot of passion and creativity into any project and is always up to do any task. He handles pressure in a very professional manner and is always inspired by his passion and using it to create good quality content. This has showed multiple times with me. He has a lot of experience from short to bigger films as well and has the right experience for anyone to enjoy what he creates.

– Ryan Craig





Joey testamonial 2Working with Austin has been absolutely great! He is very professional and has a great turn around time! I love his style and his vision! He brings a great energy to a project and he has a way of making people feel really comfortable. He cares for his clients and always produces high quality products that certainly satisfy. His passion shines through in all that he does and I look forward to working with him again!

– Joey Frendo (Watching For Foxes)

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