Title: Results

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Job Title: Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

Location: Spring Lake, Michigan


For my senior thesis project at Full Sail University I decided to pursue a short narrative. I wanted to challenge myself as much as I could so that I can grow as a filmmaker. Currently, I am working on another draft of my script working out all the kinks getting it ready for shooting. I have also been reaching out to people via different websites in an effort to build my cast and crew. So far I have quite a few people on board. I am finishing up storyboarding as I write and so far I have found that helps a lot with being able to see the vision of the film. In the mean time it allows me to fix things that are not working. I have a few locations already locked and ready to go and I am also close to locking down a shooting schedule. Overall things are coming together nicely and I am excited! Thank you for your time!

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