Logo Design 1Welcome! This is the website of Austin Muratori a new and upcoming filmmaker. Austin has been making films for many years now and he has had some success so far. He graduated from Full Sail University with honors in 2015. His most recent project was working as an extra on a feature film called “The End of The Tour” starring Jason Segel and Jessie Eisenberg. A film about the late author David Foster Wallace. Aside from being an extra Austin is also a Director, Cinematographer, Editor and writer, with many short films and music videos under his belt. He has also been successful as a Director of Photography having worked on a feature film called, “Moorland” which is coming out on DVD in 2015. Austin is also an actor who has starred in many short films and an award winning feature film called, “Ape” starring Joshua Burge.

This site showcases some of Austin’s past work as well as what projects he is currently working on. You can view his past work by clicking on the Work tab as well as the Portfolio Tab. To see what Austin is currently working on head to the Work in Progress tab. Feel free to check out his blog and his movie review section for some interesting insight and for good advice on life, filmmaking and which movies are worth watching. Austin has an intense passion for what he does and he takes pride in his work. He is a perfectionist and he gives every ounce of energy into his projects. He will not disappoint! If you would like to get ahold of Austin for collaboration on a project or just to say hello please head over to the Contact page.

Thank you for your time!

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